ONTA Geology Petroleum Crude Oil Samples

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Other Oil Rocks

Bituminous / Oil Rocks
(1.0" x 1.0" size)
(Shipping is for U.S.A. only, inquire for shipping to other countries.)

Oil Shale
(Bituminous Shale)

Pack of Five Rocks

Oil Sandstone
(Bituminous Sandstone)

Pack of Five Rocks

Oil Limestone
(Bituminous Limestone)

Pack of Five Rocks

Oil Dolostone
(Bituminous Dolostone)

Pack of Five Rocks

Each rock is available in a pack of five of the same type of rock. To buy a pack for
$9.95 U.S., press the "Add to Cart" button. For more info, use "Contact ONTA" link.

Also available is a pack of four different rocks (one of each type) for $9.95 U.S.
To buy a pack of these four different rocks, press the "Add to Cart" button below.