Basic   Light and Heavy Crude Oil Set   of Two Vials  (4 ml each)   ($9.95   U.S.)*    [BUY]

Four   1" x 1.5" Oil   Rock   Set   (Shale,   Sandstone, Limestone, Dolostone)  ($19.95   U.S.)* [BUY] 

Basic   Oil Source and Reservoir 1" x 1.5" Two Rock Set   ($9.95   U.S.)*   [BUY]

 Saudi Arabia and Iraq Crude Oil   Set   of Two    Vials   (4 ml each)   ($9.95  U.S.)*   [BUY]   

Heavy Sour and  Heavy  Sweet Crude Oil   Set   of Two Vials   (4 ml each)  ($9.95  U.S.)*  [BUY]

 Distillate  Set   of Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel in Three Vials   (4 ml each)  ($9.95  U.S.)*  [BUY]

 Heavy Residual Fuel Oil   (0.5  liters/17.5  fl oz/500 ml)  ($74.95  U.S. each)**  [BUY] 

(* Shipping is for the U.S.A. only.     Ask about shipping to other   countries.)    [ASK]

(** Shipping is for the U.S.A.  and for other   countries.)

 Heavy Residual Fuel Oil   (1.0  liter/35  fl oz/1000 ml)  ($149.95  U.S. each)**   [BUY]

Heavy Residual Fuel Oil   (0.15  liters/5  fl oz/150 ml)  ($29.95  U.S. each)**   [BUY]